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"Had Dr. Cotter not offered important insight into the totality of my symptoms and my specific dysfunction, I probably would have ended up on antidepressants and sleep aids for the rest of my life - and lived with the side effects.  The information and help she was able to offer was nothing short of life-changing.  Dr. Cotter's compassion and expertise in the field of integrative health are unparalleled in the area and I highly recommend her."



"I have RA and Thyroid disease. My RA Physician recommended Dr. Cotter when I had been discussing diet with him after doing research on autoimmune disease and the American Diet and knew foods were exacerbating the illnesses.  Dr. Cotter spent time, energy, and she really listened to all of my symptoms and the research I had done. She did a thorough workup that included blood tests, stool tests, diet, mental, physical and social health.  She took the time to look at my complete picture of what had happened before, and gave me tools to go forward.  Her recommended elimination diet showed me the foods that aggravate my condition.  She also provided alternative vitamin supplement suggestions as opposed to just more medications.  I would recommend Dr. Cotter to anyone who is willing to take her suggestions to make life changes for improving your health.  I am so grateful to her as my health has improved greatly and the “flares” have decreased substantially.  I have more energy, less depression, and just “feel better. 


I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and spent money, time and effort trying to find relief for the fatigue and joint pain that I was suffering from. Traditional medications weren't working for me and the medication that did work for me caused side effects like weight gain- which exacerbated even more painful symptoms. I was ready to apply for disability because as a nurse, I felt like I could no longer do my job the way I once had. My rheumatoid doctor referred me to Dr. Cotter.  Within 10 days my life had changed. I was stunned to see how clean eating changed every aspect of my life. The joint pain is minimal now and I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months and I feel AMAZING. I no longer waddle with knee and hip pain and I can sleep through the night. As a medical professional I had no idea what proper nutrition could do. I am so thankful to have tried IMSB. You have truly helped me find a path that I now proudly walk (without a limp or waddle) to much better health.

"I have the tools to control my health"

I am someone who has never had any medical problems.  I always felt like I was in fairly good shape, but as I was getting older I realized I probably wasn’t as healthy as I should be.  I went to see my primary care doctor and was told that I was overweight, my blood pressure was up, my cholesterol and triglycerides were high, and my liver tests were elevated.  My doctor wanted to start me on medication, but I was reluctant and wanted to consider alternatives.  My doctor said that he would give me three months to turn things around, so I sought the counsel of Dr. Cotter. I did not know what I needed to do but she gave me a plan it was easy to follow.  We changed my diet and my lifestyle.  When I went back to see my doctor 3 months later, I had lost 15 pounds, my blood pressure was normal and all my labs had normalized.  It gave me such a sense of accomplishment and I was really proud that I could do this on my own.  I am happy that I don’t have to take medication at this point in my life. Because I saw Dr. Cotter, I feel like I have the tools to control my health.  An integrative approach to medicine seems to me to be the most logical answer to my health care. 

"all of it made sense"

In the fall of last year, I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis.  I was never expecting to be hit that hard for so long. It kept me at home for days and weeks. I went to see Dr. Nicole Cotter at Integrative Medicine of Shreveport Bossier.  From the first time we met, I immediately felt like I was on the right path. Dr. Cotter listened for over an hour – asking about every detail of my life, from my eating patterns, to my sleep schedule, to my stress points and also my exercise routine. She made suggestions – slow at first and then checked in periodically. She did some very specific lab to guide our routine. From that moment on –with no prescriptions – I started getting better. Dr. Cotter gave me recipes, a new food regimen, and added some critical vitamin components. She also gave me suggestions for exercise and sleeping better. She took it all at just the right speed – not overwhelming with everything at once. All of it made sense – and now – I am in recovery and have gained so much insight about healthy eating and how much it makes a difference in my daily living. This was not a diet but eating for a healthy lifestyle to gain more energy and strength.  I not only feel better but feel I am so much better educated about what makes my body feel better day to day. 

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