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Arthritis +


There is more to arthritis care than medication.

Do you have questions about how lifestyle affects arthritis?

  • What should I eat to help my arthritis?

  • Should I be taking supplements?

  • Does stress affect my arthritis?

  • What kind of exercise will help my arthritis?

Young female in white t-shirt suffering

Arthritis+ is an integrative health consultation with Dr. Cotter geared towards patients who seek to optimize their joint health by integrating lifestyle modalities into their health care plan.  Arthritis+ is most appropriate for patients with an established diagnosis of arthritis under the care of a rheumatologist or primary care physician or for those at risk of developing arthritis. 

Arthritis+ includes a one-hour consultation with Dr. Cotter to address:

  • Nutrition

  • Supplements and Botanicals

  • Mind-body medicine and Stress resiliency

  • Exercise

This consultation can be done in person or via Telehealth (for Louisiana residents only). 

Cost: $300

Dr. Cotter is dual-boarded in Rheumatology and Integrative Medicine.  Because of her experience caring for patients with arthritis in the conventional setting, she understands the disease process and medication used to treat arthritis.  Her additional integrative medicine training makes her uniquely qualified to address lifestyle for optimizing arthritis treatment.  

This program is not intended to replace the care provided by a patient's primary care physician or rheumatologist and does not include conventional rheumatology care or emergency services.  Dr. Cotter will not start, adjust, or discontinue medications or change treatment plans outlined by the patient's established physician. 

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