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Other Services

Advanced Functional Laboratory Testing

We utilize advanced, specialty laboratory testing when appropriate, such as micronutrients, comprehensive stool analysis, and genetics.  The cost of testing varies based on test and laboratory.

Genetics Based Health Management Programs

Genetic Testing has moved into the mainstream.  In addition to the thousands of tests being offered for medical conditions and diseases, the science and research behind genetic testing related to lifestyle and wellness markers has progressed to the point of understanding the specific genes dictating how the human body processes carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, etc., and how specific genes determine the effectiveness of certain fitness activities.  Programs tailored to an individual's DNA can be more effective than generic programs.  Click here for more information.


Professional-grade supplements can be purchased from Fullscript at a discount off MSRP by clicking here.


Age-defying Wellness products.  Click here to browse and shop.

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